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Making Me A Baby Bebe Lix

Making Me A Baby

Bebe Lix

Kindle Edition
22 pages
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 About the Book 

Edmunds Erotic Hypnosis is coming to Prince University.Join us for a night of sexual entertainment youll never forget.Will you watch? Or will you volunteer?Edmund gives private hypnosis shows on college campuses across America. These arent your typical shows where people pretend to be hypnotized when theyre really just playing along for laughs. Edmund really does put them under. And he really does do what he wants with them.You dont volunteer at one of his shows unless youre willing to do anything - absolutely anything - on stage.Tonight, Edmund wants to try something new. His volunteer, Lorelei, is such a cute young girl. In her trance-like state, shes almost like a baby.So Edmund decides to turn her into one.WARNING: This 4500+ word story contains mature subject matter, including mind control, ageplay, and exhibitionism between a baby-faced college girl and the crowd that watches her get hypnotized, as well as hot sex with the curvy BBW friend shes always had a crush on!EXCERPT:Do you mind helping Lorelei get her pants off, Hannah?Id be delighted.Hannah came towards me and did something to my pants. They fell down around my ankles.The panties too, Edmund said.Hannah giggled and looked at me, but I just stood there with my hands at my sides. I didnt know what to do. It wasnt like I could put a diaper on myself. Its okay? she asked softly.Yes.She knelt and pulled off my moist undies. It felt funny to be naked in front of her, so I laughed and clapped my hands. She just shook her head, a small smile on her lips.