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They Were Sisters Dorothy Whipple

They Were Sisters

Dorothy Whipple

Published 1945
ISBN : 9780719515156
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 About the Book 

I would very rarely rate a book this high--and Im wondering at myself. I am not likely to re-read this book, and until now, I have only rated re-reads this high. But I find They Were Sisters remarkable in craft of characterization, clear writing style, and being able to keep me up long past bedtime because I could not put it down.This is the story of family, of sisters, of children and men and women, of what happens when people live with abuse--verbal abuse, which is so subtle and also accepted and thus far more deadly than the overt physical kind. I wish there had been more tender moments in the book. The story is saved by the tender moments, and I could have used more of them. But those tender moments do come at just the right points. Everything seems to come at just the right point.Im grateful to my friend, Dee Nash, for recommending Dorothy Whipple, and for Persephone Books for republishing this classic writer of the 1940s.