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Night Shift: Photographs Lynn Saville

Night Shift: Photographs

Lynn Saville

Published May 19th 2009
ISBN : 9781580932196
144 pages
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 About the Book 

Lynn Saville photographs New York during the time of transition from daylight to night, the fleeting moments when natural light gives way to streetlight, moonlight, window light, and advertisement and surveillance lighting. Subdued tones and shadows reveal a geometry hidden beneath the visual distractions of daylight. Saville has sought out places that seem questionable—deserted factories, back alleys, the shadowy infrastructure of urban highways and bridges that suggest the city’s exoskeleton.Unpopulated and sometimes unsettling, these images can be read on many levels- their evocative colors can seem garish or sublime. Taken together the photographs of Night/Shift creates a unique portrait of the city and a personal meditation for each viewer.