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A Passover, a Crown and a Cross Sherian Wills

A Passover, a Crown and a Cross

Sherian Wills

Published February 1st 2012
ISBN : 9781572589728
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 About the Book 

Levie and Jared suddenly awaken to the howl of wind. The tree outside the open loft doors of the old barn is swaying violently. The clubhouse in the loft which they call the Magic Place, creaks and groans as the barn is hit with an onslaught of air currents.Sounds as if a storms coming, Levie says.Yeah, wed better close the loft doors, suggests Jared.But before the boys can get them closed, a gust of wind sweeps through the open doorway. It swirls around the clubhouse walls. Faster and faster it twirls until it creates a tunnel of updraft. The coil creeps slowly toward them. It engulfs them and sucks them from their sleeping bags. It carries them over the loft railing and deposits them into the darkened night sky. They glide across plains, rise above mountains, and sail across seas. Where is this adventure taking them?